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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Snowy Day in Douglas (and in Downtown Juneau)

Our front yard

The dog yard

Another shot of the dog yard

Our snow-laden moose planter

Snow picnic, anyone?

Our wood pile

Our neighbors' snow covered tree

Charles' car (on the left) doesn't have snow tires, so it languishes in the storm!

The Douglas Community Garden (in our lower lot) in winter repose.

Watching a car try to make it up Main Street in Downtown Juneau.

We're supposed to get 10 inches - so far we have about 6.  And the wind is kicking up, so we're snuggling in.  The only place we have to go tonight is our neighbors' across the street for dinner.  I plan to take photos of their new puppy.  

We've had many "big snows" since I moved to Alaska in 1978.  One year, it snowed 24 inches in 24 hours.  Charles was in the Pribilofs doing an Artist in the Schools residency and I was alone with Phoebe, who was 7 and Miguel who was 9 months old.  Schools were closed and the State Troopers told everyone to stay home, so I didn't have to go to work (thank God, because my car was completely buried and our driveway was undriveable).

Charles and I met on December 18, 1981 when he was here for a 2 week visit.  By the end of the two weeks we were madly in love.  He was scheduled to leave on January 2nd and we were both praying for a snow storm so his departure would be delayed.  But the cold and clear weather persisted and his flight got out.  He kissed me and told me he loved me and dramatically jumped over the velvet rope at the gate (pre-September 11, hence, no security and anyone could go to the gate).  The next day, it started to snow (and snow and snow).  It snowed all winter and the snow was so high, everyone had tunnels to their front doors.   On April 17, my roommate's wedding day, we opened the curtains to see snow on the ground, again.  That was a long winter.

One time, when I was walking to work from my cabin by Evergreen Cemetery, a snow plow came careening down the hill, lights flashing.  The driver was so intent on doing his job that he didn't see me walking along.  At the last minute, I flung myself headlong over the guardrail into the snow in the cemetery.

I appreciate the snow removal folks from the City and Borough of Juneau.  I have found that if I go out and give a friendly wave to the driver, he won't leave a 3 foot berm across my driveway (most of the time!)

A friendly CBJ snow removal worker

For the most part, I love the snow.  I'm not afraid of driving in it and it makes everything brighter on these dark winter days.  Our friends who like skiing and snowshoeing are happy when it snows as well.  The snow had the added benefit of making our yard look pretty and pristine (which it's not)!

That being said, I will be grateful when Spring arrives.

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  1. I also waved to the plow driver and he cleared the berm from the end of my driveway!


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